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The OG Routine.

Results not happening?

You’re eating healthy, and have your food intake down but something is missing?

You’re doing everything, just not receiving the results you want?

Try getting away from the “monkey see, monkey do” work out machines and endless hours of cardio and just go to  The OG’s of the weight room. Bench, squats, and deadlifts.

Arnold Schwazenegger has a famous quote, “No Pain No Gain” and boy is he right. They call it “working out” for a reason, it’s meant to be hard. The harder you push yourself for that last rep or throw another plate on the bar the better the results. This is going to make or break your physical gains in the gym.

Diet and cardio can only take you so far the rest is made with blood sweat and steel. Louis Baltz of All American Gym in Lakeland Florida taught me at a young age that, “If gains in the gym were easy, then everybody would be muscular”.

I’m in the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I try not to not drink alcohol or eat low quality foods during the week. My results are from the intensity in my routines.

Monday is, I believe, everybody’s favorite day in the gym, Chest day! Here is Monday’s workout.

I start every workout with a good lower body stretch, upper body stretch and finishing with lower lumbar stretch. My first stop is always the bench press. I continuously adjust the spacing of my hands on the bar during my routine.


Next stop is seated dumbbell press or if you know them by “Arnold’s,” then awesome.


Next up is Flat Bench Skull crushers keep your elbows in and just destroy those triceps!


Now that I have moved on to triceps and biceps I want to completely exhaust these muscle groups to stimulate growth. I do several heavy full extension concentrated rope pull downs and slowly drop the weight until the tricep is so fatigued I can barely hold onto the rope.


Seated pull down bar curl’s three sets of ten and just as I did with triceps, I go to failure. Start with as heavy as you can handle and slowly drop the weight. You are trying to shock the muscle, so you must go as far past failure as possible.


I finish up my day with standing curls overhand and underhand. Remember, keep your elbows in tight on your side and don’t sway your body to get the bar up. For all of your lifts, you need to execute with perfect form. DON’T CHEAT! Simply drop the weight and correct your form. Correcting the essential movement is key to muscle growth. If you lift your butt off the bench or swing to get the bar up you are using momentum and cheating yourself. Quick side note: if you slam the weight down after your set of 2.5 you need to rack them and get something you can handle for at least 8-10 reps. Slamming weights in the gym? You suck because that shit is annoying.


Post Meal: Starchy Carb and Grass fed organic protein I also throw a non pasteurized cow’s milk with grass fed whey protein shake in the mix as well. My daily post meal is usually Grass fed beef with red skin potatoes. You can find everything but the non pasteurized milk at Whole Foods. You will have to locate a dairy farm and see if they sell grass fed cow’s milk for “Animal Consumption only.” Yes, its illegal to sell for human consumption. You have a 30 minute window after a work out to feed your machine!


Now thats all it takes. Consistency in your diet, routine in the gym, and plenty of sleep! Have fun with The Original Gangster Workout! Wednesday’s workout is comin’ at you on Monday.